Monday, July 09, 2007


I've been in a bit of a hole. I don't know how else to describe it. I think I have a tendency to be depressed sometimes, although I don't usually think I'm really depressed... it seems to be far too linked to hormones or allergies. No denying it lately though, I've been in a hole and have had a hard time getting out.

I may have found my ladder again. Water.

The last couple of days, I have gone for a great walk at my new favorite park. The picture to the left is part of my amazing view for this 3 mile medicine. It's beautiful. I swear I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The path curves along the south end of Lake Washington. Some parts of the trail offer the shade of trees. Other parts of the trail are actually a big dock (not for boats, just for walking) out on the water. The trail continues around the sandy swimming area.

Water has been a constant in my life. I love it and I need it. It flows steadily and continually, and keeps me moving steadily and continually. I spent much time on a sailboat as an infant, even before I remember it. There was one place my family lived for a few years that was not near the water, but even during that time, I spent much of my free time in a swimming pool. Ever since then, I've lived near the water. Except for a year and a half - when hubs and I lived about 30 minutes from the water. And this was an ISSUE. I used to tell him that we lived in Iowa and the air felt dusty to me. It smelled dusty. I swear it did, I wasn't just making that up. Too far from the water for sure. Thankfully, this park is only minutes from my home. Downhill. It's not even work for my car to get there... just float down the hill and exhale.

I find it interesting that water is such a friend to me. It's as dangerous as it is lovely. You can float in it, or you can sink in it. It gives and it takes. Actually, I nearly drowned when I was a toddler, but miraculously lived. That ocean gave me back to my parents and gave me life. We are friends.

I love that the oceans connect us all. I could go down my hill, get in a boat, and that water would take me anywhere in the world I would want to go. It could take me to the lovely beaches in Ocean City Maryland, southern California... or even India, Haiti, or Portugal...all beaches that I've enjoyed. The water I enjoyed today is the same water my parents are enjoying out on their boat right now.

I know that the water doesn't actually sustain me and bring me joy. I know my heavenly Father does. And all this beauty around me reminds me of His constant love. And you know what? I know He loves the water too. He spent the first days creating things out of the water, and in between the water, but left as much of it here. He didn't have to, and I'm glad he did.

Tomorrow I shall go on my three mile walk... through the trees, past the turtles that sit on the floating log, and along the floating walkways. And I shall thank God for getting me up and for blessing me with such beauty. For sustaining the sun, the breeze, the waves, and the trees. And for sustaining me.


Andi said...

neat post! yesterday as I was swimming and then treading I was thinking about what a cool thing it is that I can be in water and move so freely, but if I stop I could sink.

Mama Russell said...

Lovely post. I love water too, though I also have an extremely healthy fear for it as well. :-)

Okay, your new "medicine" is gorgeous! We have nothing like that around here so maybe I am a tad jealous!?