Thursday, November 01, 2007

Baby news!

And the verdict is in... thanks to the amazing technology we enjoy today, I get to share the news that in about 20 more weeks, I will be the proud mommy of a baby girl. A daughter.

There are so many boys in my husband's family, and so few girls. I've been preparing myself for years (and especially the last few months) that we will likely only have boys. I love boys, and would have been happy with this situation, but I did long for a girl too. I didn't have any brothers, so when I think of "childhood", I think of girls and girly things. Hubs and I both hoped and thought it might be a girl, but didn't hardly say it outloud, knowing how unlikely it was.

So, while I was there... laying on the reclined "big chair", with warm goop on my tummy, looking at the blobs on the screen, I couldn't believe it when the doctor mentioned that our DAUGHTER looked beautiful. He waited until about halfway through - purposefully keeping the suspense.
He was certain about that diagnosis right away, and then made us wait a while. Let me assure you, he had reason to think it was a girl...and it included anatomy words that I won't post on the blog. We definitely had a good money shot - and it's a girl.

My question back to him (really? it's a girl??) barely came out in a whisper. Tears flowed. Hubs held my hand. It was amazing. I could look at that video of her beating heart all day long. We got a DVD of it - I think I might go watch it again.

It's a girl. I will have a daughter - a daughter I never thought I'd have.


Reformed Grits said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Pink is SO much fun! Any names yet??

kel said...

Thanks Kim!!! But...if you remember this post (, you will know... I'm hoping for more red and purple than pink! =) You'll notice that the outfit in the picture is both!

Names... nope, not yet. I've been keeping a spreadsheet since high school of favorite names, but it's so daunting when I know that my decision is a pretty permanent one. Not yet. =)

udandi said...

yay for girls!

Mommy off the Record said...

Wow. Congratulations! I have only brothers and sons so a girl would be such a blessing. I still hope for one someday!

congratulations again to you and your husband!