Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Following the Father

For some reason, this February, the Father is using alliteration to teach me to follow Him fully. Last night during my Bible study lecture, God laid three words on my heart: food, fitness, and finances. I need to follow my Father faithfully, in my food choices, my fitness needs, and my finances. I wrote them down and knew I'd need them in my memory bank for later.

Somehow, with the help of the alliteration, I remembered to pray for strength this morning (to get up and go to the gym), rather than postponing it another day. I often give into the temptation (to eat another sweet treat, or go back to sleep, or buy some needless thing/food) before I remember that I'm even wanting to not do these things. I do it before even remembering to pray or ask for help.

This morning I woke up and was so sleepy. Thoughts of going back to sleep danced in my head...luring me back. The mental debate began.

Pillow is so soft. I love bed. I can go to the gym tomorrow. I won't have very long to workout anyway, so it's not really going to make a big difference. Mmmm...bed. No, stop it. I was supposed to remember three things. What were they? Think... What were they? Ugh... too tired. Oh yeah - food, fitness, finances. Oh yeah. Alright God - wake me up - this has to be you. I want to glorify YOU in my food, fitness, and financial choices. And I can't do that laying in bed every morning.

And it worked. Up I went. I made us breakfast and headed to the gym. It was only a meager 15 minutes of cardio, and 10 minutes of strength training, but that was so much more than...staying in bed.

What a personal God I have. He knows my sleepy mental debates and my sleep-filled temptations. Somehow He knows that alliteration will help me remember Him in the morning.

I've been repeating these words today. When I wanted a sweet treat, I thought...what were they again? Oh yeah: food, fitness, finances. No sweet treat, but no deprived feeling either - just thanks to God for the self-control the Spirit gives us.


momrn2 said...

Why is it that sometimes what seems like it should be the easiest things in life... are sometimes the hardest?

Great job getting up even when your body screamed otherwise!! If you are looking for some human support in your endeavors, you might want to check out my exercise blog:


A small group of us are logging our exercise, successes, failures etc. and traveling this journey to healthier living together.

Just in case you were interested...

Reformed Grits said...

These are my battles too. I'm taking your aliteration scheme with me. Thanks for it!