Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just in time

Just about the time that I start wondering if I'm really pregnant (not just fat), or if I am pregnant, that I might be permanently screwing up my unborn's time for my next midwife appointment. Just in time for some well needed reassurance.

Three awesome things happened at my appointment yesterday. One of them is so awesome that I had to blog about it so I could remember it forever.

First, we heard the heart beat right away. This was just a wonderful blessing because at my last appointment it was a tad early to be hearing the heartbeat and it took about 10 minutes to find. Yesterday, we heard it the moment she put the doplar thingy on my stomach. Yay! And yes, I really truly am pregnant.

Second, my midwife made me feel justified in feeling so huge and needing maternity clothes. I feel like I shouldn't be so big yet...based on some things I've read and other peoples comments. I've had to get over it and just buy clothes that fit, but still - I hate feeling like I'm abnormal or somehow doing this wrong (which I know it totally stupid). Anyway, although I'm 14 weeks along, my uterus is growing fast at this stage (which can be totally normal and should even out soon.... or I'm having twins, but it's most likely that I'm just a fast grower) and it's actually the size of where the average woman is at 18 weeks. Based on that, she thought I was totally normal sized and it made complete sense that I needed new clothes. Justification is really nice.

The last truly awesome thing that happened: while she was feeling around on my tummy, she told me I had great muscle tone on my stomach. My jaw dropped. Let me tell you - that's not a compliment I've ever heard from anyone. Ever. As I regret weighing 10-15 pounds extra to begin with, and now feel like a big blob, that is just a compliment that almost made me cry. Seriously - I almost hugged her. I refrained.... but not from recording it for all time.

I think my appointments should be closer together just for the emotional benefits that come along. (Yes, I know that in a short time they will be really close together and I will probably regret saying that.)


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

The emotional encouragement that midwives give is THE BEST! I was actually sort of sad when my midwife, Sue, stopped coming after my son was born. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kel. It is nice to see new names in the comments. :) I'll be back to hear more about your coming little one!

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