Wednesday, December 05, 2007

107 days

I am due in 107 days. Given that babies can easily come two weeks "early" or "late," that means that I hit the delivery "month" in 93 days. Only 93. If you don't count the days between now and Christmas (really - who isn't busy enough with just Christmas??), then that leaves 73 days. Seventy-three days!

I had a dream last night that I had our little baby (which strangely, was a boy). I had just brought him home. For some reason, I was alone...don't know where hubs was (he is on a business trip right now, so that may have snuck into my dream). Baby boy was the size of a 7 month old. He could also talk. In my dreams, the baby always talks and tells me what I'm doing wrong. Nothing was ready... there were no sheets on the crib, I had no diapers...nothing. Worse, I had forgotten to feed him. We all forgot to do any immediate breastfeeding at the hospital, and it wasn't until we were home for awhile that I realized I hadn't yet fed him anything. Ever.

And people wonder why pregnant women don't sleep well!

93 days...that is really 73 days. Oh my.

And of course, at a time when I feel like I have SO MUCH to do at home, I am trying to get through a long to-do list at work, as I prepare to leave there in about 79 days, which is really 59 days. For some reason, my boss thinks that this should be my first priority. Doesn't he know?

For my sanity, allow me to tell you things I'd like to get done.
  • Paint the baby's room. It would help if I could finally decide on how. I'd been planning on doing white beadboard halfway up the wall, with the top half in a butter yellow. This morning I was thinking the room might be too small for that and maybe we should just stick with the yellow.
  • Paint the crib... either white or dark brown. Again, it would help if I would decide. We got our crib for free from a friend, but this paint decision is killing me. It may have been worth $400 to just get a crib that was a color I liked. ;-) Ok, not really... but it seems like it sometimes.
  • Decide what decorations or pictures to put on the walls of the room. I have no idea.
  • Order fabric online. Again, decide. I might just order too much of lots of fabric so I don't have to decide until after it gets here.
  • Sew the crib bumper and crib skirt, and maybe a matching blanket (of course...not for the infant to sleep under). Sew curtains.
  • Buy and install a black-out curtain.
  • Buy new closet doors. This may involve fabric too, not sure.
  • Add shelving, rods, and baskets to the baby's closet. It's actually a big space, but not very usable for a little one right now.
  • Sign up for and attend my breastfeeding class, and cloth diapering class.
  • Attend our birthing class (already signed up - can cross that off the list) our birthing class, which is each week in January.
  • Decide if we want a doula, and if so, interview some, and pick one.
  • Pick a name for the baby, or at least narrow it down.
  • That last one is really important, so I'm listing it twice. Pick a name for the baby, or at least narrow it down.
  • Make food to have in the freezer for after the baby is born.

Ok, that might be it... for baby-specific items anyway. Phew. That list makes me tired, and I'd go take a nap except for two things. First, I have that work to-do list to get through. Second, when I go to sleep, I'm greeted by huge newborn baby boys who talk.

I think I need to go now and get busy. Feel free to nominate any favorite girl names if you want to help me out!


lizzykristine said...

Ahhh! I was wondering if you had started picking out names yet. ;)

My parents' method was to each, separately draw up a list of names, then trade lists and start crossing the preferably-nots off each others' lists. I think since my mom was the one to give birth, she got to pick the first name, and my dad the middle name. So really all they had to do was pick two names from the shortened lists that went together. ;)

Reformed Grits said...

Sounds like the fun part! But it's never fun when it's hanging over your head.
What kinds of names do you like? Biblical? Feminine? Trendy?

kel said...

Good tip Lizzy. So far, we've been going with the method of putting a ton of names on a white board and then not talking about it because we're in denial. =)

Kim - Mostly, I want a name that sounds good with out last name. I love Biblical names, but wouldn't pick one that sound bad just because it's Bibilical. Same with meanings. There are a lot more biblical boy names I like than girl names.

So far... some favorites from the list include Annie (Annabelle), Lily, Kaitlyn, Rebekah, Miriam, Kathleen, Katherine, Erin.

Feel free to nominate others!

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