Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm back!

Hello world...I'm back! I was in Vermont, Plymouth, Boston, Philadelphia, Ocean City, Highland, then Washington DC. And now, home. It was nice to be home again. Isn't it funny how that works?

I think that was a bit too many cities for one trip, especially after having a big city vacation in the spring, but it was still great. I really loved...
  • was extremely populated with trees and not people. It was beautiful. I can imagine how amazing it is in the fall, but would also be amazing in the spring and summer. Just hills and hills and more hills filled with trees. They weren't just in protected areas, like they are near my home, they were...Everywhere. People just chose trees (and the maple syrup they make) rather than houses and business parks. I also enjoy the Ben & Jerry's ice cream that is made in Vermont. Turtle Soup is a new favorite.
  • Plymouth and it's pilgrim past. While the rock is just a rock, I couldn't help but look around town and be inspired by the pilgrims who landed there. Those who made it not only had to endure the winters, build homes, and grow their food, but the puritans and anglicans had to learn to get along and start a new colony together.
  • Ocean City and the beach. I LOVE hot, sunny, sandy, beaches. God bless the beach.
  • Highland and meeting old family all over again. I got to go visit my old neighbors, including two of the girls who were my age... they became my family when I was a child. It was so cool to see them again. We spent the 4th with them, out in the country, and it was like being with family again. I felt so at home - it was wonderful. Husband and I would love to live out there.
I'm home, and way happy to see my puppy.

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