Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dinnertime gourmet

Hub's and I had an at-home date last night and it truly was a highlight of success in my new domestic life.

We were at a church conference all day, so although it was long, was a refreshing time of spiritual togetherness. Then came dinner... when I did my grocery shopping earlier in the week, there was a coupon in the paper for $5 of a purchase of $5 or more of steak (a premium line of steak at a local store). I like that kind of math! I bought two cuts of steak that came to about $7... only $2 with the coupon. Hubs grilled the steak, and we enjoyed some red potatoes roasted roasted in dry onion soup mix, sauted zucchini and red onion, and a glass of merlot. We watched a movie, with which we enjoyed single serving containers of Ben & Jerrys' ice cream (each our own favorite flavor) which hubs got on sale a couple weeks ago for $1 each (by the way, those little containers of ice cream are SO cute!).

While all date nights shouldn't center around the food, this one did, and it was delectable. It was better than we could have paid a LOT more for. Success!

Now... if only they would put one of those steak coupons on the paper every week.


momrn2 said...

I could use one of those coupons too! :-)

You'd be so proud of me. I decided one night this last week would be "family cooking" night... so I decided we would do pizza.

I couldn't find the type of crust I wanted... so I made my own. From scratch... the whole knead it, roll it out thing.

So, we had pizza with each person adding their own toppings to their 1/4 of the pizza and we ate it... homemade crust and all. Didn't even taste half bad, pretty good in fact.

I surprised myself!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Hope you're having fun in California.

Your steak coupon story is amazing; I want one of those coupons! So glad you are enjoying creating a home.