Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sew Easy

As an early birthday present (I was a late Christmas baby, so after the family Christmas presents are all done, I usually get handed 2-3 birthday presents to open from family who won't see me for a while), my mom got me a sewing machine. I'm SO excited (or sew excited...ha ha ha)! Actually, she has had it for about 9 months, and I've known about it. That has hampered the excitement a bit. I was all set to go buy myself an on-sale sewing machine last year, because there were things I wanted to sew. She let me know that she had already bought this one (a good Pfaff model on sale), so I wasn't to go buy myself a sewing machine, but that she wouldn't give it to me until my birthday. So, I've spent the last 9 months not being able to sew the things I've wanted to sew. Aside from the 9 month sewing machine drama, I am very glad to finally have a sewing machine.

After all of the discussion of aprons lately, especially at Mommy Life (whose site I can't get to work right now - anyone else?), I went to the store right after Christmas and bought a pattern for retro aprons. I cannot wait to make one. However, just looking online, and I like this McCalls pattern even more:

I'm totally going to buy it in store or online tomorrow or Saturday. When I came home with the first apron pattern, I very excitedly showed hubs my find. I think he generally was under-whelmed (just can't grasp the excitement of an apron), and his response (shared w/ permission) was something like:

Me (yes, kind of yelling and talking really fast): Look! Isn't this so cool!? I'm so excited!!!

Hubs: Well... yeah, if there was nothing on under it.

Yep, that's my hub. I'll have to tuck that one away in the back of my mind for a rainy day. Anyway...back to the sewing. I do still need to go find fabric for my apron...let the hunt commence! I'm excited to learn to sew on my own. I was in 4H as a child and sewed several outfits, then we moved, I stopped, and forgot it all. However, my varied childhood experiences did leave me with one thing: great confidence (probably more than I should have) that I can figure anything out. Especially sewing things, because I know I used to know how. I've sewed a few things as an adult, although always with the help of my mom... which means my mom has sewed them and I've helped. :-)

Pictures are definitely to come. Feel free to pass on the tips or favorite beginner projects!


Kim @ Reformed Grits said...

This is so funny! My sister made aprons for everyone for Christmas and I have really enjoyed mine! It matches my kitchen so I have a pretty decorative hook where I can hang the apron up to grab at my ready!
And if it makes you feel better, my DH said the same thing about the apron... Oy.
Enjoy sewing! It has been a joy and a blessing to be able to make things on my machine! One day, you should learn to smock for your future (God willing) little ones! Or maybe that's a southern thing...?

kel said...

I guess apron-love is a woman thing. =)

I vaguely know what smocking is, but not really. I don't know if it's a southern thing, or just a sewing-mom thing. Isn't it where the fabric is all bunched up? Is it good because it makes non-stretchy fabrics become stretchy? Am I thinking of something else?

I have a lot to learn... =)

Shari said...


Wow. 9 months. That's funny.


kel said...

Hey Shari! Thank you! Yes, the nine months has become really fun. My curtains haven't been hemmed, my pillowcase seam that came undone has been left w/ a big hole, etc. Oh well, I very much appreciate it now. =)

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you! You're vacation pictures look awesome. Cool place!