Monday, December 04, 2006

meme: 6 weird things about me

Kim at Reformed Grits ( has tagged me, so for my FIRST meme, I shall let you into the secret world of me.

(By the way... for some reason I don't have any of the formatting buttons won't let me insert a hyperlink, add a photo, etc... or even switch to HTML and do it. I have no idea why. I'm going to paste in the links myself - sorry it will look ugly.)

There are a jillion weird things about me. Now to think of 6 of them that I don't mind putting out into cyberspace...

1. I hate writing in pencil. Even when I was in school, I did all my math (and everything in else) in pen. If I made a mistake (in math), I would cross it out if I was at the bottom of the page, but if I had only done half a page or less, I would get a new piece of paper and re-write the whole thing.

2. Aside from vegetables, I really don't like food that is green. It just grosses me out. It takes a huge amount of will power to eat pesto.

3. If I eat a chocolate-covered ice cream bar (like haagen-daaz), I nibble off all the chocolate first, and then eat the ice cream. I have always done this, and never thought it was weird, until we had ice cream bars during a business meeting and I was fully informed how weird I was.

4. I absolutely hate listening to voicemail.

5. I don't have children yet, and I'm not pregnant yet, and I'm (well, in a month) 28 years old. I've been told many, many times that this is WEIRD.

6. I hate it when the clothes in my closet aren't all facing the same way. If my husband happens to put the clothes away (yay!)...the wrong way, I will re-hang them facing the same way.

and a bonus one...

7. My purse has to have a hook somewhere in my house to hang on. I don't like just setting it somewhere or putting it on a shelf or something. It needs a special purse hook.

There you have it!

I tag...
Amelia (
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...whose blogs I love to lurk on.

And finally...I shall warn you that I'm blogging way early in the morning because hubs banned me from blogging yesterday (I needed to pack since we are getting some new house keys TOMORROW) but I don't have my spell check button. I really have no idea what I've just written or if it makes sense at all. Grace please!

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Kat said...


Hey Kel! :-) So I will have to check out your blog now...thanks for introducing yourself!

Well I love your weirdies. I too hate pencil writing (esp. when it makes scruffy sounds against the paper), my clothes facing in opposite directions, and eating the color green. I'll have to work hard to condense this into 6 things...

Have a great day!