Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Feeling pretty

I had nothing special planned for today. I need to finish my Bible study, do my paid work, do some laundry, make breakfast, make lunch, make dinner, and keep the kitchen and living room cleaned up. Tonight after dinner, I'm meeting a friend to review our Bible study together.

None of these tasks are exciting or noteworthy, but I decided to try something new today while doing them: to look pretty. I always do my hair and stuff, but tend to wear "comfy" clothes around the house...which really just means that I looks sloppy, and end up feeling sloppy too. I wondering if my tasks are done sloppy as well as a result. The day started on the same note, and then I decided to go change my clothes.

I'm sitting at the table, outlining Daniel 2:1-23, and doing some work email, while wearing a black t-shirt, a twirly knee-length black and white skirt, black sandals, and an orange bracelet. I feel pretty. Honestly, not much has changed besides changing yoga pants, or capris, or jeans for a skirt. But it's a twirly skit and is just cute.

I had to chuckle as I carried an arm-load of laundry downstairs, walking carefully in my kitten-heeled sandals. I feel like the picture of a 50's housewife! But is that a bad thing? Is it weird to do laundry while looking pretty? I have no idea if my tasks will be done any better or faster. I have no idea if I will sustain this. I like the idea of it. I like that if someone stops by for a delivery or something, that I will look nice. I like that my husband will think I look pretty when he comes home. I like that even if I look pretty for benefit of me and my dog (who does agree that I look very pretty today), and no one else - that it is enough.

I'm wondering if any other home-makers and stay-at-home moms have tried this in this decade? Do you ever "dress up" (if a skirt and cute sandals constitute dressing up) for your daily tasks? Is it manageable with kids? Do you think I'm ridiculous?


udandi said...

Do you sing I Feel Pretty while loading the washing machine?! I would!

I'll keep you posted on how Sew What! Skirts goes. I'm a novice on the sewing machine as well so I'm sure the first few will take me a little longer.

lizzykristine said...

I like to wear a skirt around the house during the day, partially from habit, partially to "look pretty" :), and partially because it seems like I work more efficiently. Weird, huh?!

I skip the heels, though. I've only worn heels once in the last 8 years that I can remember. I only wear shoes when it is a social sin to not wear them. :)

Reformed Grits said...

I used to be a die-hard levi's and t shirts girl. Some things changed though, and as a result I make an effort every day to get up, dressed to the shoes (I have nice casual shoes... Keen Seattle's to be specific which you can wear with ANYTHING!) and do my make-up and hair-- even if I'm not going anywhere. The things that happened to encourage me to "do better" were that I realized my boys needed to see their mom give a rip, I just felt more optimistic when I was "pretty," and I had come out of a nasty PPD funk after which I cut off 11 inches of hair and I actually cared for the first time in a long time.
So to answer your question, yes,to some degree I dress up every day. :-D

kel said...

Yay! Thanks for the comments and encouragement - you guys are awesome!

Udandi - I didn't sing "I Feel Pretty" while loading the washer, but I should, and I will. It's perfect! Can't wait to hear about the skirt sewing. I'm contemplating buying that book and we can both see how it goes.

Lizzy - yeah, I think the efficiency part is hard to explain, but it was a cool side effect. My favorite part was when my husband came home...I greeted him and finished making dinner. I just felt so much happier than I usually do. More like I was a lady who was privileged to be serving him dinner. I can't really explain it, but it was different.

Kim - Thank you for the mom insight! Do you dress in skirts too... or just look pretty overall? I'm just wondering how it goes chasing after the little ones with a skirt on. And I'd love to hear it from someone who doesn't think skirts are mandated in the Bible, since that's not where I'm coming from here. =)

Thanks friends!!!