Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New phase

We are here. A new phase of life. Hubs and I have officially entered the phase of life called trying to get pregnant. There are lots of specifics about this, as you can imagine, that I won't discuss on the internet. But a new chapter means that I'm thinking of new things and things in new ways... so I decided to announce the phase. I will say that so far, this new phase is pretty darn fun. ;-)

Phases are interesting. We rarely know the length of a phase when it begins. I wonder how long this phase will last. And to what extent is the length of a phase an issue of perception? At some point it will be the pregnant and then mothering phases, but could also turn into the struggling with infertility phase. Only God knows the length of each phase, and this is all in His hands.

It's interesting to me how the marking of an official phase changes things. For example, I've been getting comments for a long, long time about when we are going to have kids. I've really been able to laugh these comments off ok, although sometimes the inappropriateness of it slightly irritates me. Generally, I can come up with a casual but slightly funny response. But now we are trying. With purpose. I wonder how long it will take before the same question conjures up a response that is hurt or sad. Same question, but a different response based on the perceived phase.

And now, it is announced. My name is Kel, and I'm in a new phase.

Finally... if any of you know me in real life, please know the fact that this is sort of confidential. My baby making habits are just not things I'm ready to talk about at work! =)


elaine said...

This thinking will serve you well as a new mommy b/c there are so many seasons that feel like they will never end...and they are HARD. But they do end, and they change into such other sweet and difficult phases. I know you will be a great mom just from reading your profile and post. God bless you in this.

kel said...

Thanks Elaine! Blessings to you!

Reformed Grits said...

I'm with Elaine... some seasons are hard even though they are sweet. At this point you can still enjoy the hard work. ;-)
Blessings on this exciting time for you. I pray God gives you a housefull! :-)
On a similar note, I have been blessed with 7 babies (one in heaven) and in the midst of all that for 8 years my best friend was never able once to conceive. It was always hard to tell her I was pregnant. But as a result, I will never ask someone "so when are you gonna have a baby?" I know sometimes folks want one and can't. We think we have a lot of control over these things, when it's actually God working out HIS purposes in our lives for His glory. Preachin' to the choir here I know.
Good luck, er, uh, break a leg, um I mean... HAVE FUN! hahaha

kel said...

Thanks Kim! I was hoping you'd comment. ;)

Hopefully there will be no leg breaking.... but you never know. I think we're a little too tame to risk that. No wonder you have 7 kids! :)

Shari said...

O Kel - congratulations!!