Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yet again. I'm here yet again giving a general update on my life, without any one topic worthy of a post of its own.

I'm meeting with a friend tomorrow night to plan a summer Bible study together. She was in my Bible study group this last year, and we became friends. We are both ones who need forced discipline, so we both liked the idea of continuing a scheduled study. True to form... our study of Romans ended over two weeks ago and I've been floundering. I have read my Bible but without much purpose or insight. Unfortunately, the summer will go by so quickly and we could have used those two weeks in the new study! I think we are going to study Daniel together (although we're still debating between that and Esther)...doing a homiletics exercise and then following up with a commentary. She's a new friend, so I'm really excited to get to know her more through this time.

Hubs and I are having our house painted soon. Quite an ordeal. We are not painting it ourselves, although the price tag is a big one to swallow. Parts of our home are three stories tall (on the sides where it goes down on the side of the crawl space), and it's just big. If we did it ourselves we would risk injury and death, and we would just be miserable for a couple of months. Honestly, it would take us all summer and we would hate it. Our happiness for the summer seemed like it should be worth a lot, and so, we are paying a lot. I exaggerate not when I tell you that our house is the color of a poopy diaper. With brown trim. On directions, I tell people that it's a mustard-colored house, but that's to be polite. It's the color of baby poo. It will soon be a dark charcoaly/blue-ish/ gray with white trim, black shutters, and a red door. I am very, very excited. Yay for a pretty house!

I just realized yesterday that I have five and a half weeks of vacation saved up and am now highly distracted thinking of the ways I might use them.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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Reformed Grits said...

On a poopy note, the color of my first car was what my friends liked to refer to as diarrhea brown. So it could be worse!

My DH spent a summer painting our house years ago. He was out at night with a spotlight on the house painting, like you said, all summer. One day he was on a ladder at night outside our bay window and our window to the house was open so we could communicate, if need be. I figured he saw me but I came up to the window where he was intently working, and said, "Boo!" You guessed it... it startled him so badly that he fell backward off the ladder. As soon as I saw he was ok, I couldn't stop laughing. And to boot, he killed the bush he landed on and we had to dig it up the next summer!
So, I'm with you... pay someone, but don't try to startle them!