Friday, March 07, 2008

bed rest

I'm on bed rest. Not really though. I'm not supposed to be laying or sitting in a leaning back / reclining position. I'm supposed to be laying on my left side, sitting on my ball, or leaning on top of the ball. These are not really the most comfortable positions for watching TV or reading for hours on end. Oh well. Bed rest didn't sound so bad at first, until they clarified the rules for resting.

I've been watching TV while doing stuff on my computer. Daytime TV is slim pickings. From 10-12, Little House On The Prairie is on. So cute. Unfortunately, the one on first today was one where Mary and Adam's house (the school for the blind) burned down, with her newborn son inside. Just what a pregnant lady on bed rest needs.

Yesterday, hubs signed me up for a month-long subscription to Blockbuster, which works sort of like NetFlix, except you can also exchange movies in-store. I love that man! That was completely his idea. Even if the baby comes soon, I'll have it to enjoy during the first weeks of nursing. I'm very grateful.

My big thing to do today is to write up a birthing plan of some sorts. I really don't know where to begin. We don't really need one for the birth center, but my plan all along was to write one just in case of transfer to the hospital. Now, we're in limbo... I need one birth plan that assumes we start at the birth center but get transferred part way through, and there's a possibility of just starting at the hospital. Either way, it's more complicated now than just saying "I'm doing this naturally; don't mess with me." I'm not sure where to start w/ the birth plan. Is it even worth it? Part of me just wants to rely on hubs and the doula to help look out for what we want.

Time to switch positions to leaning over the ball. At least that one doesn't squish my hair. =)


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