Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guardian Angels

I'm still here, on bedrest...still pregnant. I have a lot of conversations with baby girl, trying to convince her that it's time to come out. I don't mind being pregnant right now, like some people think. I just know that if she doesn't choose to come out now, they will likely take her out, which I really don't want. Come out!

Two interesting things have been happening with my condition...

My blood pressure is still high, and has been creeping up a bit. It's still not above the danger line, but it's high. However, the most recent bloodwork came back and my levels (of whatever it is they are measuring) have actually gone down. Hurray! That's a pretty mysterious, not normal thing.

Also, the midwives were consulting with the hospital I was sent to on another client, who also has pre-eclampsia symptoms. They already knew that at another hospital, I would have been induced immediately. But even at the same hospital I was at, they were talking to a different doctor who said he would have interpreted my labs the same way they did, and he would have induced me right away. Basically, it is a mysterious, not normal thing that I was sent home, especially sent back to the midwife's care.

I told my midwife that I have angels looking out for me. I'm so thankful that God has given me time to go into labor on my own. I don't know if that's how it will end up, and if not...then what this break was for, but I'm so thankful for it. If nothing else, it has been a great time to get more prepared for labor and this little one...both emotionally and in our home.

Please be praying that I will go into labor soon. I've been mentally preparing myself to be induced. I can do that. I know the contractions will be stronger and harder, but I can tough it out. People deal with immense pain all the time; I can deal with it. However, I've been told that if I'm admitted to the hospital for pre-eclampsia, they will give me magnesium sulphate as a first line of treatment. That is a treatment I really, really don't want. I've been told it feels horrible inside (like being cooked in a microwave), it affects the baby, and the baby is usually groggy after it is born, which can effect breastfeeding and bonding. Please pray for wisdom for me, and all our care givers.

That's all for now. Time to go lay down and hang out with my guardian angels. =)


Reformed Grits said...

Praying for you all. I'm glad you have been able to hang on with baby girl! Awesome!
I've had "the Mag" twice and we survived and had amazing bonding and breastfeeding experiences. Even with my first, I didn't get to actually nurse him for 4 days but he still was a strong nurser. It's more about the whole of the breastfeeding term/experience (over time) than it is the one initial time.

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