Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shopping Drama

My husband is graduating from his masters program next month, and there will be some spouse events, dinners, etc. to go to. They will not be postponed due to my weight-gain self-consciousness. I am very nervous about finding cute clothes to wear to these events...probably a nice dress or something. I'm petite and finding well-fitting clothes is just really difficult.

I figured that I would probably end up at Casual Corner / Petite Sophisticate - my very favoritest shop. Their clothes fit me perfectly and their service is impeccable. Whenever I need a suit or dress or something, I am guaranteed that I can go there and find something that looks and fits great.

Today I stopped by the mall to take a look and see what was new. I came out of the Bon, I mean Macy's, looked to the right to see what was in the window of my favorite shop. Instead, I was welcomed with black. Solid black windows. My heart started beating loudly, I stopped dead in my tracks, and gasped. "Oh no." Oh...oh, no. My store is closed. I checked at the information counter just in case. I was sort of hoping that my store just moved, but no, it closed. Closed. Oh no.

I really don't know where I will ever, ever buy clothes that look good on me again. I don't think stores should just be allowed to close like that. Besides, I think I've personally given them enough money over the years to stay open just for me.


Shari said...

a) you always look cute
b) this is a great post!

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Thank you for your sweet comment at my blog yesterday! Always fun to meet another PCA-er!