Saturday, August 12, 2006

Door Update

Well, we hit a snag already. With our one hour of daylight we wanted to work on priming and painting. Turns out you have to hang the door, take off the door, paint the door, then put it back on. Oh well... in the dining room it shall sleep.

Instead, we shall work on putting together my new desk from Ikea. I can't wait until I have a bit more desk space here. Also, we went on a little Fry's shopping spree last night. So fun! We bought a snazzy all-in-one printer (copy, scan, print), that was essentially $29, since it has a rebate and comes w/ $50 worth of ink.

I also got a super snazzy wireless keyboard and mouse. They came with a poem...that went something like this:
New Toys
I got a neat keyboard and mouse
They have laserbeams
That will get you
When you look at them
With envy
Ok, really I was being a dork and just wrote that little ditty on one of the demo computers at Fry's and then laughed for a long time because I thought I was so stikin' funny.
When my new office space is all setup, laser beams included, I shall post a picture.

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