Sunday, August 27, 2006

Flawed logic seeping through

I had a little conversation with a woman in my bible study the other day. While I'm quite sure she doesn't adhere to prosperity gospel, it must be in her background somewhere... every so often I hear it seeping through.

We have both taken up jogging and are both training for our first half marathon. We discussed how we are having to be more careful now that we are needing to do longer training runs, and it's getting darker earlier.

Paraphrased conversation:
Me: It's getting harder to plan for the long runs now that it's getting dark earlier...

Friend: Yeah... I went the other day and it was getting dark...I almost tripped on the sidewalk...

Me: I know - we timed the daylight wrong the other day. I ended up running in a pitch black forest. When my husband met me that the end, I was sobbing. It was so scary!

Friend: Yeah, although I need to remember that God will protect me, so I'll be fine.

Me: (Laughing gasp!) Only in heaven! You'll be protected eternally, but you aren't protected on earth!

Friend: Hmmm... I suppose that's true (laugh)....

I know she doesn't hold to a prosperity gospel and doesn't truly believe that God will prevent suffering. However, it's obvious that it was somewhere in her background and it comes seeping out every now and then.

It makes me wonder what is deep rooted in my belief system. He has shown me some wrong thinking I've had - He has been digging it out the last couple years. I wonder what He will reveal to me this year. I want all of that false logic gone!

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