Tuesday, November 28, 2006

at home

Well, we are snowed in this morning. It doesn't take much around here...the snow isn't the problem - it's the hills and the ice. Especially this time - our roads are mainly packed with hail, not snow...and hail is basically just little ice balls. It's so slippery out - very scary. I was working from home today anyway, but hubs decided to as well. I made us whole wheat pancakes and eggs - that were actually really yummy. I typically don't like pancakes - and haven't made them for him in years and years (I think I have maybe only ever made pancakes once), but these were pretty darn good. The recipe is in the current Cooking Light magazine.

Now we're trying to decide about our day... at some point in the next few days, it would be nice to go grocery shopping. I've got meat to last a long time in the freezer, but could use some milk and produce. We also have a rental property - we were supposed to go down tonight (an hour or so away...in good traffic) and switch keys from the old tenant to the new people. That will be all but impossible to get to today. AND...we're signing on our new house tomorrow and need to have a cashier's check for closing. The bank is not easy to get to. Ugh. Oh how I wish we could just stay in by the fire. At least if we HAVE to go out, perhaps it can allow for a trip to Starbucks or Tully's. Yum.

I still would love any tips or recipes for freezing meals. See this post about it. Thanks!!!


momrn2 said...

Don't tell my children!! We got about 3 inches Sunday and today the windchill is below zero. But in this part of the Pacific NW it is not uncommon. Life kept on for us here. The kids would have preferred otherwise to get out of school.

We'll keep it our secret... K? :-)

Wish I could help out on the frozen dinner thing... but I'm learning right along with you.

kel said...

MomRN - Don't they know that they have to make up snow days in the summer? I always thought that was terrible. When I was little we lived on the east coast for a few years, and they had 4 snow days built into the schedule. I felt so cheated when we moved to the west coast and we didn't get ANY "free" snow days - we had to make up every single one!

Maybe we'll actually all have a white Christmas this year. =)

Hope your "at home" time is going well... as far as learning to do new things anyway. I'm praying for you and your sweet little girl. You've sure been through a lot. You must have a lot of love to give, or God wouldn't have entrusted her to you.

I'll let you know what I find out about freezing dinners - I think it might be my best hope. My big question is what types of bready things freeze well or don't freeze well (rice, pasta, stove top, etc.). More to come I'm sure... =)

- kel