Thursday, November 30, 2006

House decoration dilema

We're moving into our new house next week (and haven't started packing yet...but that's a who different post). I've been pondering how I would like to decorate our home. I love combining things that don't always go together. MY style is one that's rather difficult....sort of a funky traditional (with sort of an Asian influence thrown in there... oh, and a Celtic one too). It's hard to get right, and it makes my husband very nervous. I do want our house to look nice though...a house that is welcoming and warm and inviting.

In my head, I figure that if we put all the things we love together, then they will go together, simply because they are the style of US, and it would reflect US. Yet, this may not be true if other people saw it.

So... I want your opinion. Below are a bunch of pictures I really enjoy. Following my logic, I could put them all up on my walls, and it would all work and be pretty together. But is it too weird? Is it weird to have a totally traditional picture on one wall, and on the next wall have really bold, funky colors? Does the style of the house need to be the same throughout? And for heavens sake, what colors will I paint the walls?

Help? And really... shouldn't I be packing instead of worrying about this?

Oh yeah...I also have a few antique Sunday School posters that I LOVE. They have really bold colors, but really have a very old look to them. I wouldn't put them up to be serious...I really think they are funny. I'm not sure how to pull that in either. Hmmm...


Shari said...

I've seen a lot of modern / classic mixes that look great. And many of your colors are complementary. I'm a fan.

Are these all paintings you own? I really like them.

Sorry I can't help move. I can't wait to see the place!

Yesterday was fun. Up until that rather long meeting...

kel said...

Shari - Thanks for the encouragement! Nope, I don't have all these paintings (I hardly have enough wall space in my current home!), but I wish I did. I really like them. They are all from, which lets you keep a wish list.

Shari said..., here i come.