Tuesday, November 21, 2006

happy birthday baby

I'd like to welcome my new niece into this big world.
Happy Birthday!

She was born yesterday morning... very, very early in the morning. My sister has been blessed with the ability to have babies very, very quickly. For this dear one, my sister was only at the hospital for 45 minutes before they got to hold her in their own arms.

I'm a very proud aunt indeed!


kim @ reformed grits said...

Precious widdle one, welcome! You look like a natural! ;-)

kel said...

Thanks Kim!

Ha ha - yeah...I got LOTS of baby comments at the hospital. =)

momrn2 said...

Quick babies is a blessing indeed! My first one took 26 hours and they still had to assist him out. WHEW!

Maybe you'll find you have your sister's blessing someday!! :-)

What a dolly!! Thanks for sharing the picture with us!

kel said...

MomRN - Thanks! I've heard that you are either just like your sisters/mom, or TOTALLY the opposite. I can only pray... =)