Monday, February 27, 2006

Squeeze them oranges

Yesterday I made orange juice. My parents just came back from a vacation in Arizona and brought me a box of oranges from my grandparent's orange tree. I knew that if I didn't do anything with them immediately, they'd end up in the trash the next week, so I dove in and squeezed those oranges like a crazy woman. I made a whole pitcher of juice.

Real orange juice tastes amazing. It tastes like you are eating an orange. This sounds stupid to me now, but I've realized that normal orange juice really doesn't taste much like fresh oranges. I really don't drink OJ that often, but this stuff is SO good. It's so sweet! The color is really different too...much more orange than yellow. Shocking! Orange juice is actually...ORANGE!

Every so often (pretty rarely, actually) I do something that seems very domestic to me (like squeezing fresh orange juice, actually cooking a good meal, knitting, or sewing, etc.) and I'm a bit surprised at how satisfying it is. Some weird cave-woman, home-provider monster is awakened in me. I'm overcome with pride at my ability to create a THING. I don't know if this is partly because I have a thinking/planning job, rather than creating/doing job, and my biggest skills are all related to thinking/planning rather than creating/doing. I don't know what it is....but it's weird. It just makes me want to have babies and cook a pot-roast.

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