Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sweet and Sour

Not much of note happened today. Actually, it was a pretty busy day and a lot happened, but nothing HUGE that made me think: I NEED to put that in my blog!

I like blogging. It makes me reflective of my day. Is there anything that happened today that is interesting, note-worthy, or that I at least learned from? Any great successes or failures?

I guess there are a few...

We got up and went to church. That's pretty normal for a Sunday, but was really hard this morning because we stayed up way to late last night looking at London hotels (trip at the end of next month). This morning came REALLY early. Sunday School did not sound that appealing when the alarm went off. I'm actually at a spot right now where I'm LOVING going to church and our sunday school class. It's a new-members class, which is essentially just a great discussion about Covenant Theology. It's so much fun. I talk way too much and embarrass my husband. I realized that I'm going to miss a couple classes when I leave for my trip next month and I'm so bummed. I don't want to miss any of it. How cool is that?

I got back under 140 lbs. Sunday is my official weigh-in day. I still gained a pound since last week, but during this week I gained weight early on (afore mentioned chocolate binge) and managed to workout consistently and eat well later in the week. 140 is pretty much my official "freak out" ceiling. I should be in the mid 120s, but have been floating in the 130s for a while now. My highest was the mid 150s. I couldn't believe it that I hit 140 again. I hate it. Anyway, my highest recently had been 140, and this week, thanks to the Cadburry bunny, it actually went to 141.5. EEK!! I was thrilled this morning to see a 3 again... 139.5. I'll take it!!! Hopefully all of this race training is going to help a lot. I think it will just because it's forcing me to be way more consistent at the gym than I have been lately.

I realized something about people today during a discussion with my parents over dinner. My mom is always happy for me when I lose weight, am eating well, or working out well. She is a weight-struggler too. We have the same body type, the same habits, and the same struggles. We bond in this topic. I cheer her on, and she cheers me on. My dad and sister (who wasn't there this eve) have never struggled w/ weight. Well, my dad has a little, but he just eats what my mom tells him and then he loses it. I don't consider this a "struggle." My sister is what I consider skinny fat. She's always been really thin and curvy, without being especially healthy or strong. She's just skinny no matter what her health status is. My sister doesn't understand why I work out so much. She thinks I'm weird. She generally doesn't eat in a way that I would define as healthy (Kraft macaroni & cheese = good source of protein). If her life were a movie, they would end it ironically... she would probably die of a heart attack someday with a brownie in hand, wearing her size 2 pants. Anyway... I told my parents about my race today that I'm going to be in. My mom was encouraging, although from a "why would you want to do that? good luck!" point of view. I'm a non-runner that comes from a non-runner family. On the other hand, my dad basically told me that I was going to ruin my knees and my back from any running at all and I should walk as much as possible. Later, he let me know that I should be sure to always take my dog running with me, should I insist on running (lest I be attacked by a suburban daylight-enjoying jogging rapist). Now, to give him credit, my dad has at least made note of my weight loss a few years ago and told me that I looked really nice and healthier. That little bite of encouragement has stuck w/ a me a lot over the last 3 years. Funny...I really shouldn't care how my dad thinks I look. Weird.

Now broadening from my family, to general societal reflections...
I think it's so funny how people who are out of shape and who don't focus on their health are so un-encouraging of people who are healthier and trying to make healthy choices. Even when I struggle with something, I can still recognize when someone else is doing a great job. I don't need to steal someone's joy, or tell them that they are doing a BAD thing, just because I'm not doing the same as they are. Why are people like that?

Whatever. Today was a success for ME. I'm loving church. I got my weight down a little. I think I've got enough sugar to make that sour-apple sweet afterall.


One last thing... the blogger spell check doesn't know the word "blog". How funny is that? It makes me laugh each time. I could add it to the spell check dictionary, but then it wouldn't make me laugh anymore. Blog, blog, blog.

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