Saturday, October 21, 2006

Day Three - Got the Low-Sugar-Grumpies

Today hubs and I have both been tired, irritable, and just generally grumpy. It's sad - today is a BEAUTIFUL northwest October Saturday. Unfortunately, our attitudes don't match. We keep apologizing and trying to start off on a better foot, but just cannot get over it.

The only thing I can think of is that today is day three of the S Beach diet and we are having a massive sugar crash. To make matters worse... normally, if we were having a bit of a grumpy day, I would appease myself with chocolate, cookies, ice cream, etc. and it would be all better. I think we're just getting grumpier as we realize that there will not be any food that will make us feel better now. Enter temper tantrum. Grrr. We aren't having real tangible cravings, but I can sure tell in our attitude.

We are going to a dinner party tonight, which was a little concerning given our lack of energy and excitement. I think we'll head out a bit early, go get sugar-free non-fat lattes a local coffee house and read or something. This will be fun, relaxing, feel like a food "treat" and most importantly, provide some much, much needed caffeine.


Kim at Reformed Grits said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry! It does get better and you really do get used to it but it's MISERABLE at first. Hang in there! It will get easier! I bet you are eating SOO healthy!

amelia said...

Thanks for de-lurking!! :) Oh yes, I remember that day when we were on Atkins, and when we detoxed, and my oh my how that can really mess up your moods. Kim is right, I promise it does get better and easier. You have to hang in there and get past it because you WILL feel sooo much better in the end!