Saturday, October 28, 2006

THE house - Gratitude

Well Kim & MomRN, ask and you shall receive: an update on THE house. (BTW - I LOVE getting comments. So fun!)

We made our offer, the seller countered the offer. They didn't change the price, just a few clarifications of details and bumped the closing date back by 5 days. Obviously, we accepted the counter as quickly as we could.

So...unless we find some unforeseen problem, this house is ours if we want it. We do have a couple easy outs still if we change our mind, but I think we'd have to find a really, REALLY big problem for that to occur. The inspection is Monday at 11:30 - please continue to pray that this would go smoothly.

Above all, this discovery and process has made me just extremely grateful to God. Not only for the financial blessing that allows us to get a bigger home - that's a given. You know the verse that talks about how God knit us together in the womb.... He personally creates each person and decides who they should be, what they should look like, what their personality should be like. I feel like He has done that with this house - he made it exactly what it is, and then brought it to us as a gift.

It's like... well, you know how in "Miracle on 34th Street" the little girl is dreaming of a house for her family, and then Santa gives her a house and it is exactly what she's been dreaming of? I feel like that. It's not just that He's blessing us with a house that we love and can (miraculously, and by His great blessing) afford, but he put things together in it so that it is exactly what I want. Some things in it are special gifts...things I've had secret desires for, but assumed I would never have...or would have to remodel to get, or would have to pick some (but not all) from my list of wants.

For example... Two months ago I realized that I would like a bay window above the sink when we remodel our kitchen. This house has that. It's very big, but not monstrous (it's about 2500 square feet, which is twice this size of my current house (and exactly the size I would like). It also has a 1000 sq ft deck.), and the rooms that I want the space in are all spacious. The kitchen is funky (but very nice) - decorated in a way I love, and in a way most people wouldn't do. It has two self-cleaning ovens. The laundry area has room for a laundry sink. It is next to a drainage pond (no future building), and has a view of trees in the distance in the back (a protected county park). For heaven's sakes - it has AIR CONDITIONING.

I feel like God knew all of the things in a house that would bring me joy, put them ALL together in this house, put the timing together, made it sunny last Sunday, prompted hubs and I to go for a walk in that direction (we really debated if we should turn left or not, and thank goodness we did!), and prompted hubs to let me go in the open houses (while he waited outside with the dog). I can just imagine God smiling as I toured the house he prepared just for me.

Our God is such a personal God who loves giving gifts to His children. I am so grateful. I wish, more than anything, that my heavenly Father were here for me to give Him a hug and thank Him. I suppose that my best response is just to make sure He is invited and present in my home every single day. He gave it to us, afterall.


momrn2 said...

So perfect. So wonderfully perfect. God is so very good indeed!!

I'm so excited for you. You MUST take pictures to show us!! I'd love to see this place. Sounds fabulous!

Kim said...

How very exciting! The same thing happened with our current house. Seemed like a bunch of "coincidences" that led us to it but it is just perfect for our family. How many bedrooms,etc?

kel said...

You guys are so sweet! Thank you so much for your excitement.

Yes, God is so good. I feel Him being so very personal during this process.

The house is about 2500 sq feet with 4 bedrooms, a bonus room (kids' play room!), 2.5 bathrooms, a big deck, and about a 1/4 acre lot (well, just under). I think those are the big stats - let me know if I'm missing some. =)

I feel really wierd posting pictures of someone else's house with their stuff still in it. What if the seller somehow found my blog and saw their stuff - wouldn't that be weird?? So, I'm going to wait until we get the keys (12/5) to post pictures. I'll get some of it empty and post those, and then you can enjoy my progress of frugal (well, I'm trying anyway) decorating and furnishing as the months go on. I'm loving the journey on Merchant Ships blog - same thing. Just moved, need to decorate on a budget.

Have a good Sunday ladies!

- kel