Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Daytime world lessons

I've been in Daytime World for about a month now. I have been learning a lot about domestic life, balancing schedules, choosing my attitude (it really doesn't glorify God to cook dinner for my family, if I do it with a grumpy, tired attitude), etc. Lately, I find that I'm need to learn more about scheduling, routines, and self-motivation.

I've developed a very bad habit: going back to bed for a bit after hubs leaves in the morning. Terrible, terrible, wasteful habit. I'm just tired and my pillow and blankets sound so good! It's gotten much harder since it's dark out and cold. But - it's so stupid. I've already gotten up and made breakfast. I'm up! It's just hard to stay up. I think I need to start a new habit where I always do SOMETHING else after he goes before building the energy to shower to clean the breakfast dishes. Currently, I don't have the energy for those things, so I go back to bed. Unfortnately, "quick naps" are not in my dictionary... I end up staying in bed for an hour (or more).

I think I will try to go sit by the fire (hearth and mantle still in progress), and read or do my bible study for a little while. I need my cozy "fix" in the morning. Any day now, our new latte machine (I know it's officially an espresso maker, but I want LATTES - that is its purpose of existance) will arrive, and surely a vanilla latte by the fire will help too.

Wake up. Stay awake. Sounds so simple, doesn't it?


Kim at Reformed Grits said...

The picture of your bed reminded me of what "works for me." When I struggled with post partum depression I wanted to stay in bed all day too. I learned 2 things from flylady.org... I got up and tied on some tennis shoes (nothing you can kick off, and with "stable" shoes on, you work faster-- it's true!) and the other thing was to make my bed every morning. It's harder to crawl back in to a made bed. I still do these two things most every day now!

kel said...

Yes, I do know of FLY Lady. That's a good tip. I should go back and make my bed while breakfast is cooking, if nothing else, I will feel like I've already accomplished something in the day.

Thanks for the encouragement Kim!
- kel (with my bed made and shoes on) =)