Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Food and Fireplaces

I can't believe it's been about a week since my last post. Time sure flies...

I don't have any big revelations to discuss. I've just been busy busy busy. Sometimes I get so busy just doing things that I don't have time to reflect on them. Lately, there has been a lot going on, and I have snippets of reflections about it all, but not quite enough that I think it's worthy of a blog post.

My dad is staying with us for a week while he takes a training class. I am so thankful that this came up after my job/life change. The stress of having a house guest for a week would have been far too overwhelming before. We never used to cook dinner at home... we could have done it for a night or two. But that's it. I would have felt pressure to cook for dad (who is not accustomed to eating out so much) and it would have been very, very hard. I'm so thankful that it's not a huge hurdle for me to cook breakfast and dinner each day. I sort of feel like this this my homemaking pop-quiz from my parents. How did I turn out? Can I cook? Can I keep a clean house? So far, I think I'm doing pretty good... and I think the food has even impressed my dad. Phew! It helps that I make breakfast for hubs each day - dad was pretty impressed by that. I am still getting used to feeding two men. I thought dinner tonight would make leftovers for dinner tomorrow; it did not. It made enough for a lunch for hubs, but I'm going to have to come up with a new dinner plan for tomorrow.

He has been helping us (or we've been helping him... that's really more accurate) work on our fireplace while he's here. We put in a gas fireplace a long while ago - and it's been sitting atop a plywood hearth ever since. As I speak, my two men are sawing more wood to build me a real hearth, a real mantle (both made of birch, with a nutmeg stain) and tile surround. I can not wait to have this done. I love having a fireplace and now I will LOVE, LOVE our fireplace. Pictures to come!

Finally, I went to a huge "mothers of multiples" garage sale last weekend. It was huge! And very funny...duplicates of everything. =)

That's all for now... off to play carpenter's assistant for me!

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