Saturday, October 14, 2006

showers of babies

Today was the baby shower to celebrate the coming arrival of my sister's second child, a baby girl.

God created a whole spectrum of colors. Our colorful world is one of my favorite gifts God has give us. I love that He loves beauty. Yet, why is it that when some people have baby girls, the child lives in and surrounded by one color: pink? I think this is strange. I have not noticed this monotone phenomenon with boys, only girls. For little boys, baby clothes are given that are all very manly and scream "little boy". It's very cute. Lots of plaids, sports themes, boats, cars, animals...greens, blues, browns, etc. However, for little girls, it's all pink. Don't get me wrong, I personally enjoy pink (well, hot pink and fuchsia) very, very much. I can be a pretty girly girl sometimes.

I've known several women with baby girls, and it seems that for the entire first year of the baby's life, she is wearing pink every single day. Why do we do this to girls? Why don't we want her in purple, red (come on...what woman doesn't LOVE red??), and feminine clothes in blues and greens?

My niece will be born in November, and since her whole wardrobe for at least the first nine months is PINK PINK PINK, I fear that she will clash with all the Christmas decorations. Come on people... Christmas before baby clothes.


Kim at Reformed Grits said...

Haha, I can so relate to this! May God give you a ton of babies so you can grow to love pink! I was on an "Anti-Pink" campaign with my first girl. But when my second girl came, after THREE boys, let me tell you I was ready to party in pink!
Love your blog, and I loved reading about your decision to be a wife at home. I wish my husband had felt this way before we had kids. I wanted to, but alas...

kel said...

Thanks Kim!

I'll say a big AMEN to that one!

There's nothing to inspire a fervent prayer-life in a man than the fervent prayers of his wife for a TON of babies! =)