Friday, March 23, 2007

Appeasing Grandma

The other day my Grandma left me a voice mail informing me that she really wanted hubs and I to join her on a hot air balloon ride as a birthday present to her. Unfortunately, her birthday is right now and the balloon ride would be in just a couple weeks, and it's really not in our budget right now. How do you say no to Grandma? I felt horrible having to call my grandma and tell her that we didn't want to pay for her one birthday request. I put the phone call off for three days.

I finally made the dreaded call. I explained the financial situation in such a clever way that, in the end, she was not disappointed, and thoroughly ok with our decision.

How, might you ask, did I do that?

I just explained that we're trying to save money right now so that we can have babies and I can stay home. I could hear the smile on her face. The only complaint I received during the whole was that we need to "hurry it up!"

Gotta love Grandma.

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