Friday, March 02, 2007

Meal Planning

What's cooking? I'm a few days late, but you can get inspiration at Laura's site.

Inspired by this gal at Proverbs 31, I made a meal plan yesterday and went grocery shopping. This is the most well thought out and prepared plan I've ever made.

For some reason, I never take into account what is happening that day - and I think this is the reason that my good intentions always fall apart. I thought about: the hours I'm working that day, if I'm working at home or at the office, if hubs has class that night, what our evening plans are, how many new recipes I'm trying, how many things create left overs, what variety in his lunches he will want, and of course...what is on sale at the store.

I managed to get everything I needed for the full week just under budget.... sixty six cents under. I did stock up on a few good deals I found, so I was excited about that. I informed hubs that we aren't allowed to buy any more groceries until next week no matter what. I'm sticking to it too... I realized today that I'm missing cilantro for my soup tonight. Oh well. It will taste just fine without it.

Here's the plan:

kel - housework only, no evening plans
Breakfast: hubs - oatmeal on the go (woke up late), me - eggs & toast
Lunch: PB sandwich & lunch out; me - burrito (my favorite - you'll see this a lot)
Dinner: Fajita bowls (make four servings)

Friday: kel work at home, no evening plans
Breakfast: poached eggs on english muffin
Lunch: hubs - left over fajita bowl; me - burrito w/ friend visiting
Dinner: White chicken chili and cheese quesedillas

Saturday: kel - bsf at 7:00; appt at 4pm; b-day dinner for dad at 6pm
Breakfast: kel - poached egg and toast; together - oatmeal
Lunch: left over white chicken chili
Dinner: Out with in-laws for birthday dinner

Sunday: church in am, small group at 6pm
Breakfast: poached eggs & toast; homemade lattes
Lunch: tuna melts or grilled ham & cheese, apples, soup
Dinner: hot dogs and french fries
Prep: Start oatmeal in crockpot

Monday: kel - work at office, bsf - leave at 5:45
Breakfast: Crockpot irish oatmeal
Lunch: kel - out; hubs - sandwich
Dinner: kel - yogurt & granola; hubs - left over white chicken chili

Tuesday: kel - work at home
Breakfast: left over irish oatmeal with scrambled eggs
Lunch: kel - burrito; hubs - left over fajita bowl
Dinner: Shepherd's Pie (new recipe)

Wednesday: kel - work at home; hubs - class - leave at 6pm
Breakfast: poached eggs and toast
Lunch: kel - burrito; hubs - left over shepherd's pie
Dinner: Pizza muffins

That's it! Phew - that took me forever to do yesterday. I love the process though - I think it will get easier each week. So far, we're right on track!

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