Friday, March 09, 2007

Menu Planning

My first attempt last week at creating a thorough menu plan worked out really well.

So, I've done it again and am set to go grocery shopping this morning. And again, I shall participate in Laura's Menu Plan Monday at the end of the week. Oh well!

Also, today is a big day of celebration when it comes to menu planning. We found a chest freezer on craigslist that we like for $75. Yahoo! Hubs is on his way to get it now. I'll finally be able to really make meals in advance. This will help so SO much! Yay!

Thursday: kel - At office - home at 5:30
Breakfast: hubs - poached eggs & toast
Lunch: hubs - out; me - brown bag sandwich and apple
Dinner: Shepherd's Pie (6 servings)

Friday: Kel: Home - meetings at 11 & 4, closet organizing w/ friend; hubs work at duplex
Breakfast: poached eggs & toast
Lunch: hubs - out; me - burrito w/ friend visiting
Dinner: French dip, salad, chocolate chip cookies for dessert
Prep: make 3 dozen shortbread cookies for tea party tomorrow

Saturday: kel - bsf at 7:00; Church tea at 10:00, baby shower at 2:00
Breakfast: kel - poached egg and toast; hubs - oatmeal
Lunch: burritos or sandwiches
Dinner: Alfredo pasta with chicken and veggie (broccoli or red bell pepper) (4)

church in am, small group at 6pm
Breakfast: poached eggs & toast; homemade lattes
Lunch: out w/ visitors from church
Dinner: tuna melts and chili
Prep: Start oatmeal in crockpot

Monday: kel - work at home, bsf - leave at 5:45
Breakfast: Crockpot irish oatmeal
Lunch: kel - burrito; hubs - left over alfredo chicken
Dinner: kel - yogurt & granola; hubs - left over shepherd's pie

Tuesday: kel - work at home
Breakfast: left over irish oatmeal with egg white scrambles
Lunch: kel - burrito; hubs - sandwich
Dinner: Chicken cordon bleu (make extra to freeze) and salad

Wednesday: kel - work at office; hubs - class - leave at 6pm
Breakfast: poached eggs and toast
Lunch: kel - out; hubs - left over white chicken chili
Dinner: Pizza muffins

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Keziah said...

As part of Celebrating a Year of Abundance and because I am going to have to move soon, I am trying to buy as little food as possible and eat out of my freezer and my cupboards. It's encouraging me to be that wee bit more adventurous - that night, chilli con carne with chocolate stirred in just at the very end! (Tonight, I had the leftovers - chilli is always better the next day)