Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sin, sin, go away - don't come back another day

I've been thinking about sin lately. This I hate: as a new creation in Christ, we will still sin - guaranteed. I initially wrote that we would "struggle with sin" - that sounds so much more PC. Of course there will be struggle, but the hard truth is that we WILL sin. We can't fool ourselves into thinking we become sin-free in any way. I especially hate how I can struggle with periodic willful sin. It's so ugly. I've been trying to learn that as ugly as I am during these times, that is my true self. My true sin-nature IS that ugly all the time. And then grace is all the more beautiful. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. What a merciful, loving God we have.

Anyway, I've been thinking about some specific times that I've sinned grievously. We all have. There are things I've done and said that I just regret. I've repented and I know I'm forgiven. Yet, that's not the end of it...I have more I need to do. I know that there are underlying sins that made it so I was susceptible to the sin-action. I don't think I've fully dealt with those sins, lies, and wrong-thinking that lead to my sin. And if I don't dig them out, it will surely resurface. I need to spend some time in prayer about this.

I cannot wait for heaven. Sinning, conviction, repentance....just the full process of sanctification is really tiring to me! Praise God for His patience, and that He doesn't get tired of me!

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