Friday, March 23, 2007

How to clean your fridge

How to clean your fridge:
  1. Make a yummy burrito for lunch (as I do almost every single day)
  2. Put the leftover pinto beans (one can lasts for 3-4 days) in its container and put the lid on
  3. Close the lids on all the other containers (olives, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.)
  4. Gather all those little tubs in one arm and put them in the fridge
  5. Drop the olives on the floor, but pick it right back up, and thank the Lord for plastic
  6. Grab the container of pinto beans (steaming up the inside of it's container, making the lid highly pliable) and *try* put it in the fridge
  7. Drop the container of pinto beans, watch it fall into the drawer of cheese/meats, which is still open
  8. Pray that it will stay closed, just like the olives
  9. Watch the highly pliable lid (thank you steam) pop right off, spilling 4 servings of pinto beans all over all the cheese and lunch meats
  10. Laugh, you must laugh
  11. Figure out how to take the drawer out of the fridge (we just moved in a couple months ago, so I've not had to do this yet)
  12. Hand wash all of the bags of cheese and meats
  13. Toss what had to be tossed...or rather, what was beyond its life and needed the garbage!
  14. Hand dry all the bags of cheese and meats and put back in the fridge
  15. Wash the drawer
  16. Don't dry the drawer, but put it in the dry rack, since your lunch is still waiting to be eaten
And that, if you were wondering, is a great way to get your fridge cleaned.

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