Tuesday, January 16, 2007

101 Things about Me

One hundred things about me for the 100th post, as it goes in the traditions of bloggy-ville. Alas, I missed it, and shall post one hundred, plus one.

1. I am 28 years old, for a few weeks now.
2. I'm a Christian, and can't remember a time when I wasn't, although it becomes more real and significant every year.
3. I have been married for 7 years.
4. I was 20 when I got married - we laughed about how I could not buy any wine or champagne to have at our wedding.
5. We had our honeymoon on Salt Spring Island in BC, Canada, where you can drink wine at 19.
6. That wasn't the actual reason we went there - it's really just a beautiful place.
7. And not too far away from school, since we only had a week off between spring and summer quarter.
8. We don't have any children yet, although I'd like some.
9. I am the same age my mom was when she had me.
10. I was a military kid and went to 4 different elementary schools, but then stayed in one town after that.
11. I was in colorguard in high school.
12. I still play with my flag, saber, and riffle.
13. I was also in the choir and jazz choir, and it's the one part of high school I really miss. Well, I miss colorguard too, but I sort of long to be in a performing choir.
14. I have a three year old nephew and a two month old niece.
15. My nephew and I have started emailing each other, with the help of my sister.
16. My sister and I never talk, so this might be a way for us to start.
17. I have lots and lots of aunts and uncles and a ton of cousins.
18. I have six grandparents and they are all still alive.
19. Of all my great-grandparents, I only knew my maternal great-grandma, Grammy, and she died when I was 18.
20. We had to fly to So Cal for the funeral, and my parents wouldn't let my boyfriend come because it was meant for our close family only (you know, in case he was temporary).
21. We got engaged the next year and I with he had been there.
22. I am one of the rare people that LOVE my extended family. I love, love, love family gatherings.
23. My sister and I are the oldest cousins on both sides of the family.
24. Of all my cousins, I only have two that are girls.
25. I'm close with my girl cousin that is 16 years old. We like to have her come stay the weekend with us every couple months. She was here this weekend.
26. I hope she will listen to my advice at an age when she won't listen to her parents.
27. I love sailing.
28. My parents had a sailboat when I was born and had to get rid of when when I was 6 and we moved away. All of our free time and vacation time was spent on the boat
29. We chartered a sailboat twice when I was a teenager.
30. When I was in college, my parents bought another boat.
31. It makes for a fantastic FREE vacation for me and hubs.
32. You have to be really close with your parents to go on 10 day vacations with them, when you are sharing a 36' hotel room with them, and you can't really leave the hotel room.
33. Last year they sold their boat and bought a powerboat. It's nicer for them, but changes the social dynamic on the boat.
34. We had a great FREE vacation with them, but we really missed the sailboat.
35. Hubs and I would really like to get our own sailboat, but then it's not free. At all.
36. And we know we won't use it enough.
37. When I was 2 or 3, I fell in the water at the marina and almost drowned.
38. By God's mercy, I was totally fine.
39. Later I told my sister that I saw purple and pink polka-doted sharks under the water.
40. I got lost at the zoo once when I was 3 or 4.
41. I was totally focused watching some animal. The church group all left, and I didn't.
42. The zoo security people found me. I was crying a lot and wouldn't tell them my name. You aren't supposed to tell your name to strangers.
43. I had a postcard with me that someone sent me, and it had my name on it.
44. I got to play with their cat in their office until my mom found me.
45. I still remember this - not just the story.
46. I've noticed that I tend to be really observant about lost kids. At a theme park or fair, I will happen to notice kids at the moment they realize they can't find their adult. The joy on their face instantly changes to dread and panic.
47. I stop and watch them for a few seconds to see if they spot their adult. They always do, and I go about my day.
48. I try to not talk to them too soon - I don't want their parent to turn around and be freaked out that a strange woman is talking to their kid, but I want to be there in case they really are lost.
49. I've realized that I see these situations a lot, when my friends don't notice at all.
50. I think it's because I got lost at the zoo when I was little.
51. I usually feel like something tragic in my life is going to happen soon.
52. I was convinced I was going to die driving to or from Bible study last night (our roads are super icy at the moment).
53. I put lipstick on while waiting at a red light, so that when the medics found me, I would at least have lipstick on.
54. I do things like that a lot. I'm not trying to be funny - I'm totally serious and calm when it happens. I just seems like the logical thing to do.
55. I got a sewing machine for my birthday and celebrated when I threaded the needle by myself.
56. I haven't made anything yet, although I have stuff to make a baby wrap thing for a friend.
57. But I don't know how to use bias tape, and that's my hold up.
58. I was in 4-H when I was young and made lots of things.
59. I joined 4-H when because I wanted to make a roll-top desk.
60. I never did, but I made a custom-crafted bird house, and a lovely step stool that I still use.
61. I made $120 at the fair one summer when I was 10.
62. I got a blue ribbon on my 4-H record book each year for three years.
63. One year at the fair, I earned the title of "Junior girl with the most points" for gardening.
64. We used to just pick everything that was ripe and take it to the fair.
65. I feel useless in my home-making abilities compared to when I was 10.
66. I got a pressure cooker last year for Christmas because I'd like to can soup.
67. We haven't used it yet, but I'd still like to.
68. I have no idea where to start.
69. I'd like to sew clothes for my kids when I have kids.
70. I feel like I should learn to sew before I have kids.
71. I require 8-9 hours of sleep, so I'm not sure how I'll survive when I do have kids.
72. I hope I have kids like that to do crafts.
73. My nephew hates to color or draw. He won't do it.
74. When I was little, I loved to color. I absolutely loved crayons.
75. I had a crayon apron that had little slots to hold a bunch of crayons in it.
76. I have an old school paper from kindergarten somewhere that says my favorite thing to do when I arrived at school was to color.
77. When I was in kindergarten, I like a boy named Peter.
78. That same year, I got in trouble once for walking home backwards - it took me a very, very long time.
79. I love lotion and candles.
80. My dad is very sensitive to scents, so this was problematic growing up.
81. My husband hates lotion stores because they smell so strongly.
82. He got me a bottle of lotion I wanted for Christmas.
83. I appreciate this gift very much because I know he suffered to go in that store.
84. I have curly hair, but I usually straighten it because I recently got my hair cut short than I wanted and it looks weird curly at the moment.
85. It was straight when I was little, but turned curly with puberty.
86. When I was in high school, it was too curly to straighten - it would just turn frizzy.
87. I'm losing my curl, and it's very easy to straighten now.
88. We took a vacation to St. Thomas a few years ago and my hair demanded that it be curly while we were there. Way too humid.
89. That was a pain, but I liked knowing that my hair really was still curly.
90. I'm afraid that when I have children, the curl will go away entirely.
91. I still think of myself a a curly-haired person, even though I'm sure there are some people who have only seen me with straight hair.
92. My dad always wished I had straight hair - he likes straight hair better.
93. My grandma and aunt too.
94. I think it's insulting when people tell you they don't like something about you that you can't change...especially when these people gave you the genes that made you that way.
95. I'm always surprised when comments like this are made. It would be like if my parents told me they wished I had brown eyes instead of blue because brown eyes are prettier.
96. I have blue eyes, and they've never made that comment.
97. I love chocolate.
98. I really like milk chocolate more than dark chocolate, although I know it's so trendy to like dark chocolate better.
99. There's nothing better than milk chocolate and ice cold diet coke.
100. I anticipate that heaven will be filled with yummy things like milk chocolate and diet coke, only they won't cause disease or fatness, and we will have the self-control to stop when we've enjoyed the flavor just a bit.
101. I do wonder about what God chooses to eat, if He does eat, and what true sinless self-control really looks like.

The end.


Keziah said...

That was great to read through. I was laughing at the logic of putting lipstick on so you would look good when the ambulance came, partly because similar thoughts run through my mind! I'm not alone in this craziness!

I am another person with sometimes straight, sometimes curly hair. At the moment, it is long and wavy but I'll need to get it cut for the summer. I am a complete convert to the Frizz-Ease hair products - how do you manage?

Finally, what is 4-H?

Really enjoyed this post!

Kim @ Reformed Grits said...

Thinking about your 16 year old neice (or was it cousin??) anyway... We had a "teenager" at our house for years. She was a homeschooler and took tutorials at the place where my kids were in school. One day she called and asked if she could bring my kids home and I said, OK. She started doing it everyday and soon she practically lived with us. My kids thought of her as an older (cooler) sister and she was like a daughter to me. We talked about EVERYTHING and was at our house for major life events (like when one boyfriend broke up with her, and she was at our house when a guy came over to tell her he wanted to date her seriously). Anyhow, now they are married and live in Louisiana and I count her as one of my dearest friends even though she's just 19 now. She is very mature for her age and I love her like a daughter yet like a sister.
I just said all that bc it made me think of what you said about your cousin. I just hope it is as you hope! What a blessing!
Enjoyed your 101. Sorry this was so long!

kel said...

Keziah - Hey there! How fun to find someone who thinks like I do. You know, I don't think we're crazy at all. I actually think we are more rational and logical than others.

4-H is a youth program in the states. (http://www.4husa.org/) It's something you would do instead of boyscouts/girlscouts and other things like that. It's a fantastic program that does a good job of teaching leadership and goal-setting, all though doing/making things and learning new skills - usually revolving around the local summer fair. Lots of kids raise animals (cows, horses, rabbits, etc.), to show at the fair, learn wood working, sewing, baking, gardening, etc. I was only in it for 3 years, but it was pretty influential. Once, when I was 9, I did a demonstration at the fair on how to organize a sock drawer, full with props (drawer, containers, socks, underwear) and poster boards with instructions. A crowd of 15 people sat before me. Part way through I got out of order and couldn't figure out where in my presentation I was. I got so flustered, I ran out of the building. My dad came and got me and convinced me I had to finish my demonstration. I came back and finished and everyone was very polite. I'm sure I didn't get a blue ribbon for that one. =)

Oh yeah - as far as hair goes... I always use a root booster spray no matter what. If I straighten my hair, the best trick is to use a straightening iron. If I curl it I absolutely have to have my diffuser to put on my hair dryer. I love frizz-ease!

Kim - Hey! Oh, thank you for your story about your young friend. I'm hoping we can be close to my cousin. So far it's going really well. She's had a bit of a rough homelife in last few years, and I thought it would at least be good to hang out and observe a normal marriage relationship. At this point, she LOVES coming over - even when we do boring stuff all weekend, so that's a good sign.

Thanks everyone!

Keziah said...

Coming from a difficult family background, it will be such a blessing for your cousin to see a normal marriage. I have become very close to my former minister and his wife and have become practically one of the family. One of the great things is that I get to see normal family arguments and how conflicts work in normal families.