Monday, January 29, 2007

Lemon Cake Update

"I really don't feel good." -- Jazzy, the bad dog

It turns out that when a very bad dog eats a full 6" round lemon-filled wedding cake top she gets very, very sick.

Here are two dog-vomiting facts for you (because I KNOW that's why you read this blog):
  • There is so much cream, sugar, and lemony goodness in lemon cake, that her vomit does not smell like typical acidic vomit at all. It smells completely...lemony.
  • A dog will wait outside a very long time without vomiting just so that the moment they are back in their safe, warm house, they can vomit at your feet. Trust me.
The good news is that my dog's demonstration of diet failure (eating a full cake just because it's there and tastes good... total lack of portion control), and my privilege of cleaning up lemon puke goo again and again and again, just might be the motivation I need to be successful on my eating plan.

Next time you think of overeating on something sweet, just imagine throwing-up lemon cake for 6 hours (or more?) continuously. Oh yes, it's that good.

1 comment:

Keziah said...

Oooh - not nice! Hope he is feeling better!