Monday, January 29, 2007

Big trouble

The other day day a friend of mine came over, and brought me a cake. She has been taking cake decorating classes. She doesn't like to bring home her artwork...too many continual calories! So, we got two "wedding cakes" - one lemon and one chocolate. They are beautiful - she does great work! Really, very talented.

We had eaten a bit of the chocolate one and then tossed what was left, it was much too much. Very good though. We hadn't even cut into the lemon one. I was debating if there was a neighbor I could bless with it.

And then something bad happened today while I was at the dentist (which, I think is ironic). My oh my.


Turned into this:

By this:

Vomit yet to be found.

Big, big trouble - definitely found.

The benefit of putting the dog outside after she is thoroughly ready to die from her scolding is (aside from a better vomiting place than my wood floor) that one is able to laugh hysterically and call the husband and continue laughing hysterically. Many of the orange flowers were stuck on with toothpicks, which I envisioned poking the roof of her mouth. She left me a pile of bent toothpicks. Ha ha ha. I also envision her struggling to lick all the frosting off the saranwrap that was covering the cake...and getting it all stuck on her nose. Ha ha ha. Any illness she gets, she FULLY deserves. I hope all that lemon filling wreaks havoc on her tummy. Harumph!


Reformed Grits said...

OH YUCK!!!!!!! And on this note I have to mention the story of when my sister's little dog ate a whole pan of frozen yeast rolls that were rising by a warm-air vent. That dog vomited forever it seemed, every time the dough rose a little big more he barfed more back up. It was horrible.
What an event!!!!!! Beautiful puppy you have there!

huberama said...

what a funny story! your dog is beautiful... is she a french boxer?