Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Goodbye little house!

We are in the process of selling our little house. We've staged it to sell (although it's almost all our stuff - the staging lady brought had to bring in very little). It looks great! I am so proud of hubs for all his hard work. Each project seemed to make a lovely, but somewhat small difference. However, looking at the before/after pictures of moving in and out show that we made a BIG difference. It also shows that it's important to stage a house to sell - don't sell it empty!

I wanted to post pictures of the before/after. Also, I've posted before about a few of the projects: replacing the front door, building the fireplace, etc., and have promised after pictures each time!

Goodbye little house. We'll miss you!

(Note: I cannot get the pictures and captions to line up correctly and I'm tired of fighting it. You get the point. The dark/uncolorful ones are the before shots, the sunny/colorful ones are the after shots. )

Little house upon move-in - the BEFORE (sorry it's so dark - it gets dark at about 4pm in the winter here):

And the after (after the snow melted):

Please be in prayer with us for the new family that God has planned to enjoy our colorful little house. There is one offer on it now and we're just doing the typical back and forth. I'm not getting too excited until after the inspection.


udandi said...

I like the fireplace change and it is such a warming and inviting house, I hope the offer works out!

Keziah said...

You have such a beautiful house. Can I not have it?

kel said...

Thanks Udandi! We worked hard on the fireplace, and I am going to miss it very much. We only just finished it. I LOVE sitting in front of a hot the point that it hurts. =)

Keziah - You are welcome to put up an offer! ;-) It would be quite a move for you, but we could be friends... it's only a mile away from my new house.

Kim @ Reformed Grits said...

I love all your bright colors. I paint color everywhere too! It's cheerful to me! Love it!