Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Eat a snickers bar!

Function over fashion ladies. Now, I want to lose...13 pounds, like so many of us, BUT comfort and tastebuds shall win every time. Seriously - eat a snickers bar or something! Or at least a carrot!

Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I find this to be really funny...rather disturbing, but really funny.

From Diet-Blog: Dieting Girls Cause Subway Delays
The number 3 cause of train delays (between October 2005 and October 2006) in New York is a "sick customer". It turns out that most "sick customers" are girls who are on starvation diets and end up fainting on the train. "You have women trying to get their bodies tight for the summer and they won't eat," said Asim Nelson, a Transit emergency medical technician based in Grand Central Station. (src)An average of 395 delays per month are caused by sick customers. This, of course, includes any kind of event resulting from sickness (such as flu). However, anecdotal evidence from the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) suggests that fainting girls are the most common occurrence.

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