Monday, March 13, 2006

Bitter kisses

Today was generally a great day all around.

1) I ate pretty well. I had way too many hershey kisses at night, but ate pretty darn reasonable during the day, so I think it ended ok. Less HKs tomorrow!!

2) I'm so blessed at work. I'm completely not angry anymore about the new boss thing. Strangely not angry. I'm really ok with it. I had a meeting today about it and I just feel so blessed at work. I feel like I've been really favored, much more than I deserve or can comprehend. My leaders and looking out for me and have plans for me. I've decided it's much easier if I'm just grateful to them, and trust what they have in store for me. That's a lot easier than fighting (even if just emotionally) to do it my way. So far, I've been ridiculously blessed by THEIR way, so I think I'll stick with it.

So, for tomorrow... need to get rid of all bitterness, should it arise again, and also the hershey kisses.

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Kakashi Sensei said...

Hey Noel, it's nice to meet you! Seattle is a nice place, i want to visit so i can see the Pike Fish Market. FIIIISH!!!
thanks for the comment you left me, I'm actually courting someone right now. We're really in prayer about it to make sure that it's His will and not ours. even in a relationship (and everything else) i want to make sure we please Him. Kinda like that David Crowder song...
--All this for our King...
All for Christ our King

alright noel, keep in touch! have a great day!