Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jedi in training

I had a jedi moment today, and it was so great. I had a busy day with a lot of uncertainty in it, but I did have a moment of jedi magic that gave me a sense of satisfaction all day.

I love the movie You've Got Mail; I've seen it hundred times. I often feel like Kathleen Kelly when she's explaining to Joe that she get suffers from being tongue tied when faced with a foe. Somebody says something mean to her, and she suddenly can't think clearly and respond. She just leaves feeling beat up. That's me.

I've been having a situation like that at work. I've been so insanely frustrated with someone. I felt like they were living in another reality than mine and being purposefully mean. I'm supposed to be working on a project with "Miss Horrid" but I can barely communicate with her because she makes me so mad. Today I had a meeting about the situation with her about our project. I was nervous that my brain-to-tongue connections would not function properly for the duration of the meeting.

Yet, alas, in my meeting today I had an amazing jedi moment. Praise God! I was blessed with clarity and calmness. For the first time, I was able to listen, and respond by just continually talking about how we could best meet our goals (which, of course, is MY way). I just brought everything back to how we could best meet our goals and the others agreed with me. I never had to deal with "I'm right and you're wrong" because I just kept focusing on the best way to solve our problem and shared the solution assumptively. It was beautiful. It was like I was playing jedi tricks on the others. Ha ha ha! I won! Take that, Miss Horrid!

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