Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Feeling a little snarky

How happy to have had comments on my blog.

I must warn all of you commenters out there: no more falsely cheery (but really mean-spirited), completely unrelated blog comments shall be allowed from here on out. Too bad for you! If you want a blog filled with banter of snarkiness thinly veiled as compliments and funny remarks, then create your own snarky blog!

Comments shall only be about the blog topic, or a blog-related response to another blog-related comment. If my blog is boring to you, then too bad. Feel free to comment about how boring you think I am.

I'm in love with the word snarky. That's so great. And I love that the blog spell-check still doesn't know the word "blog". =)

Speaking of boring... I am pretty boring and I really don't care. I used to be embarrassed about how boring I was. I felt too young to be so boring. People always expected that I lived a more exciting and fun life because I was the age to be exciting and fun. I should have been partying! That has never been me.

I got married super young. Not because I had to, and not because I came from social circles where getting married young was normal. Nope. I just felt like "settling down" at 18 (didn't get married THAT young, but really, only because we knew it was way too abnormal... I was 20). When most college friends spent their money on cover charges, concerts, and beer, I was concerned with buying furniture and houses. But, I was embarrassed about it. I was boring and that wasn't normal. People thought it was weird that I wanted to work hard and have a nice home...and only be 21 or 22. They assumed I was a very un-boring person pretending to be a boring person just to fit in. They were wrong. I really was that boring.

Interesting...I just realized that this issue has turned around. When I was a bit younger, everyone knew I was young and expected me to act younger and less boring. As I've gotten a little older, people think I'm too young and not mature (in a working sense) enough. Hmmm...

I'm 27 and this is who I am. I'm both young, but not TOO young...and as boring and grown up as ever. If you think I am "too young" or just look too young to do such boring things as work freaking hard, manage a team well, understand how to get things done at work, and STILL come home to a nice (boring) home-life, then too freaking bad for you.

The nice thing about being young is I'm still optimistic about finding paths in work and life that I'm excited and passionate about. I have very little patience for people who think I'm either too young or too boring. Just watch me prove you wrong or do something else.

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