Friday, March 17, 2006

Genesis 32-33

Homiletics lesson of the week... (to get the background on this, see the 3/10/06 post)

Note: When I go to my Bible study group tomorrow, I'll find out if I interpreted things pretty correctly, or if I was WAY off. I'll try to come back and update if I think I was way off. In the meantime, I'll post what I think I learned. Feel free to debate.

Genesis 32-33

Subject (10 words or less): Jacob, who God named Israel, fearfully reunited with loving Esau.

Aim: To learn that God blesses those who rely on Him for strength and direction.

I. Genesis 32:1-21
Jacob anticipated his reunion with Esau with prayer and gifts for his brother.

--> How am I responding to the scary and uncertain situation that I'm facing?

II. Genesis 32:22-32
Jacob wrestled with God, receiving God's blessing and a new name, Israel.

--> How much do I really desire God's blessing?

III. Genesis 33
Jacob and Esau reunited in joy and graciousness.

--> How often do I give God all the glory for a successful outcome?

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