Thursday, March 23, 2006

Secret India stories

How random is this... the blog posting before this one does not want to be posted. Apparently, the India observations I shared are a secret that I'm not allowed to share. I posted yesterday's post twice. It has deleted itself twice. The first time, the Internet Explorer page I was using just randomly closed and I swear I didn't click anything. Then, I re-typed it all, clicked on "publish post", the screen changed to the next one, and the title is there, but the message is missing. I decided that after two tries, enough is enough and maybe I'm not supposed to tell the world what I was telling the world.

I'm doing well in India. I went shopping tonight again with someone. We didn't quite do what I thought we'd do, but it was an interesting experience in a clothes store. There were SO many people.

In India I feel like a a princess and way more important than I am. Every time I enter a building, the doors open in front of me. In a store, there are numerous people rushing to help me and anticipate what I need. I'm always surrounded by people who simply want to make me happy. It's a bit unsettling. It makes it impossible to just blend in and be an observer.

Good night, or morning, depending on which time zone you are in.

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