Friday, March 10, 2006

Genesis 29-31

One of my new joys in the last year is doing a Bible study on my own and actually finding applications by myself and learning from the Bible by myself. Every week when I do my homiletics, I'm am just tickled that I have the ability to study scripture and teach myself something, rather than just being spoon-fed in church.

Since that amazes me every week, I thought I might post the applications from my study.

Note: When I go to my Bible study group tomorrow, I'll find out if I interpreted things pretty correctly, or if I was WAY off. I'll try to come back and update if I think I was way off. In the meantime, I'll post what I think I learned.

Genesis 29-31
Subject: Jacob's family suffered because of Laban's deceptions, but left peacefully.

Aim to learn: God will bless longsuffering, and His timing is perfect.


  • In what areas am I choosing to give up, rather than persist on the path God has given me?
  • Where am I competing for blessings, rather than trusting God for His provision?
  • Do I work through trials with creativity, or do I pridefully fight back?
  • Am I willing to leave a difficult situation or relationship in peace, or do I insist on "winning" ?

Yes, this does comprise the excitement of my Friday nights. Please refer to my post a couple days ago about how BORING I am. =) Happy weekend...

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